Prefeasibility Report - Specaility and Multi- Speciality Hospitals (2009)

Published: 03rd February 2010
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The Indian healthcare industry is divided into two segments - services and manufacturing. While the manufacturing segment consists of medical equipment manufacturing industry and pharma production, the services segment is basically split into direct services and indirect services. Hospitals, health insurance services and R&D services are considered as direct services, while third party insurance, claims settlement services and others, constitute the indirect services.

The Indian healthcare industry is in the growth path. According to the WHO report, India needs to add 80,000 hospital beds each year for the next five years to meet the demands of its growing population. And, the Indian healthcare delivery industry is upbeat about the future of hospitals for -

In Government of India's recent budget declarations, enough emphasis has been given on setting up of healthcare delivery infrastructure mainly in Tier - I & Tier - II cities.

High quality talent pool,

proven track record,

favorable government policies,

ability to deliver healthcare services at low cost and

high quality infrastructure

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